Non-Profit, Churches and Volunteer Organizations

Non-profit organizations are vital to our community.  Selecting the appropriate insurance is critical for your organization. As an independent insurance agency, we provides the insurance needed to protect your organization, its directors and officers. With the professional advice, you can focus on serving others and doing what yo do best.  Give back!

Our agency is a bit different than most.  We ask you the hard questions so you don’t have to worry if you are adequately covered.

Confidently serve your community and others who rely on your organization, knowing you are protected by a superior insurance program that provides:

  • management liability insurance specific to nonprofit organizations
  • established expertise, currently insuring more than 20,000 nonprofit organizations of all types: country clubs, community associations, religious organizations, museums, clubs and social service agencies
  • specialized and experienced support through a team dedicated to providing leading-edge products and services for nonprofit organizations
  • competitive products, multi-year policy terms and a variety of pay options
  • services beyond insurance coverage:
    • – employment practices and D&O community association policyholders receive access to toll-free numbers you can call for help to reduce or avoid potential losses
    • – cyber risk policyholders receive access to a risk management portal that provides training, best practices and other tools to help you prepare before an attack