Change Brings Opportunity

Most employers feel overwhelmed when facing much needed change or implementing a new policy.  Our job is make your company more streamlined, less work load and provide quality programs.

In 2015:

  • 22,059 Workers Compensation Claims were filed
  • $207 million paid out for claims
  • $142.9 million was spent on traumatic injuries
  • $9,429 is the average amount per claim
  • 8,815 claims were strain related
  • 5,381 claims were slips, trips and falls.
  • 2,367 claims were impact related.
(source- State of WI, Department of Workforce)


Can you guess what the most common OSHA violation is?  We are more than your average “let’s talk once a year insurance agency.”  We work with closely with you to make sure you don’t have to work harder to cover those claim losses.  No one likes to generate $3,000,000 in revenue to pay for a $50,000 claim.

Plug & Play Policies could lead to problems

Ask yourself…

In general do easy solutions ever cover complex problems?

Let’s talk about risk, complexity and what you COULD lose if your “plug & play” insurance plan is wrong.  

Together we can forge a path that is right for you.  We ask the difficult questions, help you embed better business practices and find the right solutions to your complex business.  #leadership #successinsimplicity #plugandplay





If it isn’t broke…..

If you are like me, change doesn’t come easy. I mean why change if it is good ENOUGH? I also suffer from if it isn’t broke then let’s not fix it syndrome. Can you relate? Unfortunately complacency puts us at risk- sometimes unknowingly.

Insurance is just insurance right? You have higher priorities that demand your attention right now. And if it is good enough…. why change?

Yep- I get it… I was there too.

Our approach is different. We love being different! We ask the hard questions, we do not hand out bids and quotes and hope for the best. That’s old school thinking that often leads to you being unprotected.

Don’t wait until you are in crisis mode. Let’s have a conversation today. #MKIisSuccessInSimplicity #leadership #oldschoolthinkingMKIprocess

What is an Experience Mod?


What exactly IS an Experience Mod?

  • unit of measure to determine the cost
  • reflect the risks of an individual business
  • Based on past 3 years loss experience
  • Predicts future losses
  • You have an impact on these numbers.
  • controlling workplace hazards that can cause injuries to employees.
  • In this particular case, our customer saved almost $14,000 in workers compensation premiums.

Success in Simplicity, that is what we work towards everyday with our clients.