Change Brings Opportunity

Most employers feel overwhelmed when facing much needed change or implementing a new policy.  Our job is make your company more streamlined, less work load and provide quality programs.

In 2015:

  • 22,059 Workers Compensation Claims were filed
  • $207 million paid out for claims
  • $142.9 million was spent on traumatic injuries
  • $9,429 is the average amount per claim
  • 8,815 claims were strain related
  • 5,381 claims were slips, trips and falls.
  • 2,367 claims were impact related.
(source- State of WI, Department of Workforce)


Can you guess what the most common OSHA violation is?  We are more than your average “let’s talk once a year insurance agency.”  We work with closely with you to make sure you don’t have to work harder to cover those claim losses.  No one likes to generate $3,000,000 in revenue to pay for a $50,000 claim.

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