If it isn’t broke…..

If you are like me, change doesn’t come easy. I mean why change if it is good ENOUGH? I also suffer from if it isn’t broke then let’s not fix it syndrome. Can you relate? Unfortunately complacency puts us at risk- sometimes unknowingly.

Insurance is just insurance right? You have higher priorities that demand your attention right now. And if it is good enough…. why change?

Yep- I get it… I was there too.

Our approach is different. We love being different! We ask the hard questions, we do not hand out bids and quotes and hope for the best. That’s old school thinking that often leads to you being unprotected.

Don’t wait until you are in crisis mode. Let’s have a conversation today. #MKIisSuccessInSimplicity #leadership #oldschoolthinkingMKIprocess

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